What is Naturally Vain doing amongst the COVID19 outbreak?
For the safety of our employees, customers and products, we have been taking the COVID19 outbreak extremely seriously. We have always and will continue to provide gloves, masks and sanitizer to all our employees. In our workspaces, we are making sure no more than 20 staff members are working at a time and spreading out people as much as we can to practice social distancing. We will continue to stay open for as long as we can, it is important to us that our staff have a safe environment they can come into to allow them to provide for themselves and their families and provide them with job security and as much support as we can during these tough times. We are constantly keeping updated with the advice from the government and health officials in our workplace. We wish everyone well during this situation and a reminder it is important we are being supportive and kind to everyone. Stay safe, stay clean, stay home if you can.