SOAPscription (Monthly)

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Love to scrub-a-dub-dub with our handmade soaps? Then jump on our monthly Soapscription to save big time! You’ll never have to be soapless again or be forced to use mainstream products with harsh chemicals that leave your skin dull, dry, and irritated.

For only $29.99, our Soapscription gets you three of our handmade, natural soaps and one shampoo bar each month for you and your entire family to share (or keep them for yourself — we won’t judge!).

To break it down a little further, you’ll get an exclusive combination of our best bars, including our famous Dead Sea Mud soap, two of our body soaps in a variety of scents (which are safe for kids and pets), along with one shampoo bar that’s suitable for all hair types.

That’s a retail value of $60 or more!

After the first month, as a member of our Soapscription, you’ll also be automatically invited into our VIP Program which gives you a 20% discount off of all purchases throughout our store, with reserved access to our special offers before they're available to the public.

It’s the best of both worlds — save big and enjoy a monthly package of our premium quality soaps delivered right to your front door! What better way to treat yourself to something that’s well deserved and good for your body?

Like all of our beauty products, our soaps are made using high-grade ingredients, such as triple distilled Shea butter, natural clays, fair trade coffee, honey and oats, essential oils, and more. Your skin, face, and hair will feel clean, soft, and smooth after using them.

Best of all, we offer free shipping across Canada and the United States! And, if you ever choose to cancel, you can do so at any time.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and treat you and your family to some scented, soapy bliss.

2) What's included:

Family Plans (4 large soap bars): For only $29/Month

  • 1 facial soap (Our FAMOUS Dead Sea Mud Soap) 
  • 2 Body Soaps (Variety of scents- Safe on kids, pets and of course yourself)
  • 1 shampoo bar (Variety of Scent- Safe and suitable for all hair types)
  • Retail value of $60 or more for only $29/month
  • Soaps will be sent at 4 bars a month for our monthly plan. 1 facial, 2 body bars, and 1 shampoo bar

How it works: Orders ship out within 48 hours of purchase. Your card will be charged $29+tax on the 15th of each month. Your box will arrive around the 20th. Free Canadian shipping and U.S.A  (Canadian dollars eh great for our American friends)

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